A flood of Volkswagen Beetles in Gyomaendrőd

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This year was already the 13th consecutively when the International Volkswagen Beetle Meeting was held in Gyomaendrőd. The vintage cars were accommodated in the courtyard of the Liget Thermal Bath and Spa and the organizer of the event was Ferenc Kardos.
This year the beetlers arrived from Romania, Slovakia, Germany and also Belgium besides Hungary. The record breaking, nearly 400 vehicles couldn’t be squeezed into the camping area of the Liget Thermal Bath and Spa thus most of the Debrecen VW club members were pushed outside the gates, making a tent camp on the grass area behind the Liget Bath.
On Saturday the visitors had time to have a look at the old cars in the camping. I stumbled upon there a chrome colored speedster presenting the era of the 40’s. Its creator, Tatinger, placed a 1300 ccm ’71 beetle inside the chassis of the vehicle. The style of its exterior mirrors the handiwork of an excellent craftsman who has refurbished innumerous VW beetles and old cars.
The main attraction on Saturday was the annual parade: turning out from the Hősök Alley the cars make a circle in the town. This year the Volkswagen beetles even made a detour to the Besenszegi Playground where the 32th Cibere Children’s Day took place.

The route of the parading beetles in the streets of Gyomaendrőd:

Some of the bystanders used to spray the parading cars with water during turning out to the main street but this fight with water spray or water bombs is not one-sided: a kind of water battle used to unfold. The game reached a bigger scale this year, but fortunately no accident happened.
Not only cars were showcased but even a few Second World War motorcycles, like the Zündapp or BMW, turned up from the Sóczó Motorcycle Museum. On top of this the Second World War collection received a new piece: the Transylvanians brought an old Romanian motorcycle as a gift to be part of the valuable collection of the Sóczó Museum.
The evening programs continued on in the Liget Thermal Bath and Spa till dawn, combined with night bath in the pools. First the Színfolt Majorette Goup’s performed on the stage then the Gesarol and Akantisz Old Boys music bands followed them. Finally, on Sunday morning there were drag races on the road next to the Industrial Park.

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