A future in tourism

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Why Gyomaendrőd? A reevaluation of domestic tourism

Ever-increasing traveling prices force more and more to choose domestic holiday instead of traveling abroad. In the next years we expect this tendency to accelerate even more and local and domestic tourism may gain a more emphasized and important role than before. This doesn’t mean that the number of Hungary’s foreign visitors would fall.

On the contrary, the dwellers of Western-Europe may in even higher numbers visit the thermal bath and spa of Gyomaendrőd together with other baths and spas of Hungary as the time spent in our town proves to be a favorable and more affordable alternative than an expensive holiday on seaside or even overseas.
Holiday homes, chalets and fishing houses to let proliferate in our town like mushroom proving that there is a strong demand for them. While the money spent on the average doesn’t increase significantly nationally we may witness a change in the winds: inland travel and the Hungarian countryside is getting into a more preferred position contra traveling abroad.
Thus Gyomaendrőd has a twofold appeal: it is luring those from other parts of the country desiring to take a rest just as people arriving from Europe’s different countries. Good impression and memorable experiences left in visitors have a multiplying effect: not only our past guests will visit us again but by their recommendations their friends and acquaintances may become our visitors in the future, as well.

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