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We proudly present the English version of our website. We didn’t restrict our translation on basic information: we succeeded in translating the whole Hungarian portal into English. Finally our foreign visitors are able to get in-depth knowledge on our town. They can fully inform themselves on Gyomaendrőd: from local attractions and accommodations to recreation activities, fishing and hunting opportunities.

If you would like to know how much data and work is contained on our site, we can tell you that at the moment our portal has 2,273 individual pages. Regarding our visitor statistics we already had more than 7 thousand unique viewers in February.

At this moment the gates of Travel 2009 (32nd International Tourism) Exhibition are still open in Budapest where our town is represented by the local Tourinform Office and a new publication. The Touristic Guide of Gyomaendrőd introduces our town in Hungarian, English and German languages. We provided photos and text to the project, as well as, the whole English translation is our contribution.
With the coming of the Spring, the town is awakening and tourism is starting to flourish. We can promise that we will be here in the future, to truly present the events to you.

Best Regards, Team

    Krisztián Klimó (programming, design, content)
    József Weigert (text, media, content)

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