New Years Greeting

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Dear Visitor,

our portal is barely two months old, still fresh and new. Since first of all we operate a touristic website we consider it a success that 80% of the local lodging places contacted us in e-mail to be incorporated into our database.
By clicking on the link you may have a view at the visitor statistics. In December we already had 4221 unique visitors viewing 37 185 separate pages under the domain (for more detailed data please click on the link: ) Every 12 minutes somebody stumbles upon our portal by Google search. It’s already clearly visible that we have more and more visitors from abroad, especially from Romania thus showing us the way for future directions.
By the English translation our site may receive more foreign visitors and we are able help them more efficiently. Our goal is to reach that higher and higher proportion of our visitors will be the visitor of our town, too. On top of this we try to measure the success of this plan.
Regarding the near future we will bring very spectacular content to your eyes conjuring up the atmosphere of the town and Körös Region cinematically.

We would like to wish Happy New Year to every reader of

Best Regards,

Krisztián Klimó and József Weigert

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