Rendezvous of beetlers in Gyomaendrőd

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Till six on Friday evening more than two hundred Volkswagen Beetles wheeled in to the 12th international VW Beetle party which was organized in the Liget Thermal Spa and Camping in Gyomaendrőd. Besides the

domestic participants of the event innumerous visitors came from Transylvania, Germany and Slovakia, as well.

Shiny-surfaced wonder cars appeared one-by-one in the streets of Gyomaendrőd on Friday afternoon. Ferenc Kardos, the organizer in chief of the International VW Beetle Meeting told us that only from Transylvania at least 60 cars arrived but they came from other countries, as well.

The event lasting till Sunday noon started with the ball of beetlers on Friday evening and on Saturday skill competitions while on Sunday speed races were held. A very spectacular part of the program was the parading of cars in the streets of Gyomaendrőd starting at 6 in the evening. The procession started from the parking lot in front of the Imre Kner Grammar-School.

Parading of Volkswagen Beetles in the streets of Gyomaendrőd:

Ferenc Kardos even told us that the VW beetle owners organize similar meetings every year, in more towns and then compete which one was the most successful. In the last four years the one in Gyomaendrőd won the palm consequently.


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