The role of the countryside

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We live in changing times as new paradigms arise. The countryside is getting into the forefront versus the noisy and fast-paced world of big cities. The rural landscape of Hungary is not only the “pantry” of the nation but even an ideal destination for those wanting to take a rest.
In recent years in correspondence with the trends on world markets we could observe a drastic increase in food prices in Hungary and this trend may gain further strength in the future. The rural agriculture getting its income mostly from cultivation of crops and animal husbandry produces significant value which has an increasing proportion, through increased prices, in the national economy of Hungary. Agronomy traditionally secures the living and prosperity of many families here.
Another significant appeal of rural life is tourism. In this respect Gyomaendrőd has excellent abilities and is in a very fortunate position. The town-dwellers and even the local government is beginning to recognize that investment alone may not be enough. Only with effective advertising and a good marketing campaign are we able to call the attention of potential visitors to the merits of our town. Shaping a good image is utterly important. While some investments may be really unavoidable – until they are well-founded – the proper communication of our already existent and nascent values is definitely necessary to reach our goals.
Rural lifestyle as a cheap and balanced alternative of living represents the third pillar of the countryside’s draw. First of all the middle-aged and elder population of cities may contemplate to change lifestyle. Living in villages, towns is not only cheaper but even provides an undisturbed and tranquil life. As today from the United States hoards of retired people move to Mexico to get a more decent living and a comfortable, less stressful alternative of life we may recognize the strengthening of a similar tendency in Hungary, as well. People with permanent income (pensioners) and the flexible and active population may be able to provide a higher living standard for themselves and acquiring a higher quality of life in the countryside.
The clauses delineated above try to emphasize the ability of the countryside to keep its population – thus more jobs would be created and even the youth might settle in their hometown, finding their hopes.

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