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Beküldés: 2009/05/25 - 07:54 | Frissítés: 2014/10/24
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We're pleased to announce that from now on on the site under the Video menu our visitors can find short films, video clips. Some of them will present local events but there will be movies emphasizing the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the town, as well. We would like to present both documentaries and lighter themes. Our approach is to try to bring closer the Gyomaendrőd life from a new point of view, complementing the photo galleries.
Our visitors may already have a look at two clips of the International Cheese and Cottage Cheese Festival and even the Pool Party featuring Robert Szikora and the R-Go Girls, organized in the Liget Thermal Bath is available for viewing.
The movie clips are created using top-notch technology, a Canon EOS 5D MKII SLR and high-quality 35 mm lenses thus we can render movies with the highest technological and audiovisual quality.

We wish you enjoy the clips. Team

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