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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the independent and alternative website of Gyomaendrőd!

It’s clear to us that there is an immense opportunity in our town. However without showing our jewels to the world, without opening our gates wide open our place remains undiscovered.
Economizing on our excellences, tourism is one sector where we are able to do more for our hometown. With our new enterprise we try to set off on this road.
In the last years Internet-penetration has grown by leaps and bounds everywhere and today every important goal has to appear on the stage of World Wide Web in a crystallized form. Similarly essential task is the boosting up the foreign tourism of Gyomaendrőd. Today people frequently decide on their next holiday destination in front of their computers. Why don’t give them the chance to choose us?
Our portal offers all the local accommodations, restaurants, entertainment facilities and essential services listed – absolutely free of charge for the enterprises. We don’t even intend to change this model in the future as we strive to get the best solutions available, without any compromise.
During the creation of our portal site we made such original steps as the exploration and evaluation of Gyomaendrőd’s innumerous oxbow lakes and fishing opportunities and we sketched nature trails for the neighboring region.
Nevertheless, our website is not only about tourism. “All and Everything about Gyomaendrőd” our slogan says. We created an all-encompassing database of the five hundred local companies and businesses including their addresses, availabilities, photos, maps and GPS data.
Gyomaendrod.com is a tiny initiative which may be an important element in a much wider perspective by which we open Gyomaendrőd to the world and the world towards Gyomaendrőd and even the local community itself. We have plentiful ideas and we will disclose these progressively, in due time.
We are looking forward to your comments or recommendations on this address: info@gyomaendrod.com.

Yours sincerely: Gyomaendrod.com Team

Creators and founders of the website:
Krisztián Klimó (programming, design)
József Weigert (media, English translation)

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