XI International Fish Cooking Competition

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The International Fish Cooking Competition is held In Gyomaendrőd year by year, which had a record number of 93 competitors this year. We had returning competitors from our Transylvanian twin-town, Nagyenyed (Aiud), as well as new contestants from our new Slovakian friendship town Ruttka (Vrútky) who participated at the event for the first time. Apart from the teams of Gyomaendrőd we had numerous competitors from Hungarian towns like Nyíregyháza, Baja and Siófok. The entrants received fireplace, table and even 4 kilograms of carp fish in return for paying the entry fee. There were three categories to enter: in the case of Danubian and Tiszai-Körösi fisherman’s soups it wasn’t permitted to add other fish types than the carp provided. The competitors could enter with their own fish only in the third – other category- , where the roasts, paprikashes and stews belonged to. This year nine teams cooked Danube fisherman’s soup, while there were another 44 teams cooking Tisza-Körös fisherman’s soup and 40 teams entered in the other category.
The golden medaled Romanian team’s plain fish soup was a specialty, something different from a conventional fish soup. It had especially lot of vegetables and its taste reminded to a normal broth a bit, but still keeping a unique flavour. The Slovakian contestants roasted their fish in furnace.
The jury led by Antal Csorba didn’t have an easy task when deciding: it shows the increase in quality that this year there were teams in silver and bronze category who were honored with golden medal before.

The absolute winner was Zsuzsana Horváth with her Balsa picante fisherman’s soup.

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