XVII Ghost's Bikers Party - Motorbike Meeting and Beer Festival

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The Meeting of the Ghost's Biker Club was organized on the first weekend of June for the 4th times in the Liget Thermal Bath and Camping in Gyomaendrőd. Ghost's MC was founded in 1989 from the old Körös Bike Department in Gyomaendrőd with 6 members. They have been holding festivals, concerts and exhibitions for 17 years in different parts of the country. The club with significant membership and strict joining rules is headquartered today in Békéscsaba and has chapters in Szeged and Siófok, too. The club network has numerous international relationships, the bikers made friendships during their foreign travels.
During the three-day event besides the Romanian and Slovakian visitors we met bikers from Vienna (Austria) reading our homepage in English. On Saturday afternoon various tournaments and bench press competition made the day more colorful, while the music audience was entertained by Titkolt Ellenálás, Nemcsak Berry, Doors of Perception, AB /CD, BriCats bands.
The pinnacle of the day's events was the motorbike parade traditionally timed at 5 p.m. The army of motorcycles starting from the Liget Thermal Bath after leaving the main square crossed the town to hurtle towards Endrőd then after a long lap arrived back to the cool shady trees of the Elizabeth Park. The spectacular parade also gives opportunity to the inhabitants of the town to behold the miracle bikes in movement.

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