2009. August

Tags: Culture
2009. August 22. (Saturday) 11:59
XI International Fish Cooking Competition

The International Fish Cooking Competition is held In Gyomaendrőd year by year, which had a record number of 93 competitors this year. We had returning competitors from our Transylvanian twin-town...

Tags: Culture
2009. August 09. (Sunday) 23:13
A flood of Volkswagen Beetles in Gyomaendrőd

This year was already the 13th consecutively when the International Volkswagen Beetle Meeting was held in Gyomaendrőd. The vintage cars were accommodated in the courtyard of the Liget Thermal Bath...

2009. July

Tags: Culture
2009. July 16. (Thursday) 01:27
Gyomaendrőd GP

15th of July, 2009 is another important day in the short history of the Gyomaendrőd cycling sport. Last year the Tour de Hongrie race and this year the Criterium Gala of the Central European Tour...

2009. June

Tags: Culture
2009. June 07. (Sunday) 12:16
XVII Ghost's Bikers Party - Motorbike Meeting and Beer Festival

The Meeting of the Ghost's Biker Club was organized on the first weekend of June for the 4th times in the Liget Thermal Bath and Camping in Gyomaendrőd. Ghost's MC was founded in 1989 from the...

Tags: Culture
2009. June 02. (Tuesday) 11:47
VII "Day of the Cauldron" Potato Paprikash Cooking Competition

This year’s "Day of the Cauldron" Potato Paprikash Cooking Competition took place on Saturday, May 30, 2009 in an excellent atmosphere. Fortunately, the event held in the courtyard of the Saint...

2009. May

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2009. May 25. (Monday) 07:54
Video clips, short films on our site

We're pleased to announce that from now on on the site under the Video menu our visitors can find short films, video clips. Some of...

Tags: Culture
2009. May 02. (Saturday) 20:36
XI International Cheese and Cottage Cheese Festival

The already traditional exquisite gastronomical event had a record number of visitors this year and took place in excellent atmosphere. The courtyard of the Bethlen Vocational School was able to...

2009. March

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2009. March 01. (Sunday) 15:32 available in English

We proudly present the English version of our website. We didn’t restrict our translation on basic information: we succeeded in translating the whole Hungarian portal into English...

2009. January

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2009. January 31. (Saturday) 15:50
New Years Greeting

Dear Visitor,

our portal is barely two months old, still fresh and new. Since first of all we operate a touristic website we consider it a success that 80% of the local...

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2009. January 28. (Wednesday) 18:40
The role of the countryside

We live in changing times as new paradigms arise. The countryside is getting into the forefront versus the noisy and fast-paced world of big cities. The rural landscape of Hungary is not only the...

2008. November

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2008. November 18. (Tuesday) 20:00
We've started!

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the independent and alternative website of Gyomaendrőd!

It’s clear to us that there is an immense opportunity in our town. However without...

2008. October

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2008. October 04. (Saturday) 22:36
A future in tourism

Why Gyomaendrőd? A reevaluation of domestic tourism

Ever-increasing traveling prices force more and more to choose domestic holiday instead of traveling abroad. In the next...

2008. August

Tags: Culture
2008. August 01. (Friday) 18:00
Rendezvous of beetlers in Gyomaendrőd

Till six on Friday evening more than two hundred Volkswagen Beetles wheeled in to the 12th international VW Beetle party which was organized in the Liget Thermal Spa and Camping in Gyomaendrőd....