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Town events

Gyomaendrőd has become deservedly popular due to its natural wonders but a lot of visitors and exhibitors are attracted by its annual events, as well. The International Cheese and Cottage Cheese Festival, International Fish Cooking Competition, “Bogrács (Cauldron) Day” Potato Paprikash Cooking Competition and Pigsticker Hog-dressing and Distilled Spirits Competition of Gyomaendrőd show off the best products of the local, regional, national and across-the-border talent. Complementing the culinary events other numerous programs welcome the visitors: the traditionally held Ghost’s Bikers Party, the Central European Tour - Gyomaendrőd GP cycling competition, the Viharsarok Cup national kayak competition and the equestrian procession on St. Stephen's Day (August 20). The aim of the Suttyomba Folk Music Festival is to present several folk bands from Hungary and other counties of the Carpathian Basin.