Ruttka (Vrútky)

Vrútky (Ruttka) is to be found in the Highlands (Felvidék), on the area of the present-day Slovakia. It has a population of 7300 and it is part of Martin (Turócszentmárton) since 1971. The city of Vrútky (Ruttka) was built at the confluence of Váh (Vág) and Turiec (Turóc) rivers in the northern part of the Turiec basin (Turóci-medence), its first written memory is from 1255. The mayor of Vrútky and András Várfi mayors signed the sister city partnership agreement on 6th July 2009.

Ruttka (Vrútky)
Contact Information
038 61 Vrútky,
Distance / Proximity
From Thermal Bath: 280.45 km
From Town Center: 280.10 km
From Railway Station: 280.85 km
Local Map
Coordinates: 49.11158, 18.924637

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